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Elise Jansen is amongst other a certified Yogaworks (RYT 500) and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) – instructor, and has taught yoga for over 15 years. Even thought she is trained in different yoga styles she has developed a deep passion for the world of Mindfulness and Restorative Yoga during the last 10 years. She fuses these in her Mindful Restorative Yoga TTC. Drawing from her studies with Jon Kabbat-Zin, Ani Chödron, Judith Hanson Lasater, Bo Forbes, Maty Esraty and Shiva Rea.

She is also the main Yoga teacher trainer in the international MBSR trainings conducted by IMA – Institute for Mindfulness Approaches. 

Elise is passionate about sharing and learning about interoceptive approaches to embodiment, healing and well being in every day life. 


I offer a module based 200 hours Mindful Yoga Teacher Training

The modules can also be taken as independent  in depth studies and continuous education for therapists and yoga teachers, or as one of three modules in the 200 hours Mindful Yoga Teacher Training.

All modules are registered with Yoga Alliance

There are three individual and independent modules in this training. Module 2 is a deepening of module 1 and cannot be taken without completion of module 1. Modules (1&2) and 3 can be taken in chosen order.

Module 1: Mindful Restorative Yoga Foundations – 50 hours

This training focuses on learning basic Mindfulness skills – where breath and body awareness is are the main method of healing. You will learn the basic restorative postures and how to teach these in a class setting. We will talk about relaxation and the important role of the nervous system.

Module 2: Mindful Restorative Yoga Therapy – 50 hours

(precedes Module 1)

Module 2 builds on module 1 and dives into the effect of Mindful Restorative yoga ons stress and trauma in the framework of breath, relaxation and awareness. In ths module we will learn how to work with individuals. We will dive into The Poyvagal Theory and get practical tools to help our students and clients. We will work in depth with the body scan as a Mindfulness tool too gently rebuild a safe relationship with our bodies.

Module 3: Mindful Yoga Movement – 100 hours

(includes a 1 week retreat in Mallorca or Scandinavia)

In this training you will learn how to teach yoga with Mindfulness as a method. In theory it is possible to use this method on any style of movement or yoga style. But in this module you will learn how strength, stretching and slow movement is beneficial as a formal practice. It strengthens our vestibular- and nervous system. It creates a mapping of our nervous system with the whole of our bodies. We will deepen the practice of Self-Compassion to build a complete foundation for Mindfulness. We will also dive into the philosophy that Mindful yoga builds upon.

Upcoming trainings in English

Mindful Restorative Yoga Foundations Helsinki - TTC - with Elise Jansen

5 Day Mindful Restorative Foundation TTC - Helsinki. March 28th. - April 1st 2020

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