A living master of integrating all aspects of yoga into daily life with immence knowledge , wisdom and great respect of the long tradition of classical yoga. He is finally in Oslo again. This time he will give a Satsang the traditional way.

The theme will be pranayama, and the participant will get the opportunity to get his/hers pranaya
ma practice checked thoroughly with pulse reading and advices for further practice.

Sarita and Elise will be there to follow up and assist.


In the spirit of traditional yoga the satsang is free of charge.
However a voluntary contribution traditionally called Dakshina are appreciated.
Dakshina is a Sanskrit term that refers to an offering or gift, typically to a guru or priest. The word comes from the Sanskrit, da, meaning “offering” or “giving”; kshi, meaning “to abide” or “to dwell in”; and na, meaning “knowledge.” The dakshina is considered a duty, or dharma, and is part of the universe’s cycle of giving and receiving.


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Hari Om Tat Sat

Sudhir is the director of Kaivalyadhama International and the son and successor of Sri O.P Tiwari one of the few remaining yoga masters and sources of the original teachings of Hatha Yoga. His father has been the director of Kaivalyadhama, the first centre to conduct scientific research into yoga, for more than 40 years. Sudhir speaks with clarity and experience, rooted in a genuine yoga tradition, which he make relevant to our everyday lives